Legal Resolutions


We understand the complex world of business law. Our experienced business law attorney is here to guide you through both transactional and litigation matters, ensuring your business is ready to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.


Our Business Law Services include:

  1. Transactional Work:
    • Contract Drafting and Review.
    • Business Formations.
    • Purchase and Sale Transactions.
    • Real Estate Transactions.
  2. Litigation:
    • Breach of Contract.
    • Partnership Disputes.
    • Employment Litigation.
    • Insurance Coverage Claims.
    • Construction Disputes.

At Legal Resolutions, we’re committed to providing personalized legal solutions that address your current challenges while also preparing your business for whatever legal hurdles may come in the future. With Legal Resolutions as your legal partner, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.