Legal Resolutions


Dispute Resolution:

    • Trust and Estate Disputes: Providing legal support in resolving disputes related to trusts, wills, and estates, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.
    • Guardianship Disputes: Assisting in resolving conflicts concerning guardianship, advocating for the best interests of all parties involved.


    • Probate Administration: Assisting executors and administrators with the probate process, ensuring a swift and compliant distribution of the estate.
    • Probate Litigation: Representing your interests in any probate disputes, working diligently to resolve issues favorably.

We handle complex transactions:

    • Asset Transfers: Guiding through the legal pathways of transferring assets, whether it’s during your lifetime or as part of estate settlement.
    • Business Succession: Helping ensure a seamless transition of your business assets to the next generation or a chosen successor.

Your peace of mind is our priority at Legal Resolutions. With personalized attention and a keen understanding of your unique circumstances, we strive to ensure your legacy is honored and your loved ones are cared for.